I’m very anxious about music for my films. Searching suitable tracks that reflects mood and correspond the rhythm of the scene takes a lot of time. And when at last I found such a track – I’m over the moon! I’ve discovered some talented musicians whose songs are ideal for my films and inspire me for editing. I love each of these songs and admire their creators. Thanks a lot!

Stive Morgan is my musical discovery of the year 2017! His track for the film “Wind 4» is now one of my favourite musical compositions! I’ve heard it a hundred times during the film editing and I am ready to listen to it again. I’m delighted about the fact that the author of “Wind 4” is my countryman, he is also from Tver Region! I love coincidences like these. And I  love the “Wind”.

American musician Dan O’Connor allowed me to use his music for this film. Good music is extremely important to me. Without it I can’t start editing. It takes for ever to find a track that suits the atmosphere (and is good for me too). I was very lucky with DanO Songs: several songs straight away and from one source. Thank you very much!

Three awesome compositions by Max Litvinov (Dawn, You And Me, Cosmos) havedefinitely enriched my film! The tracks are very different in mood but ideally reflects the atmosphere of the film.  Dear author, thank you!


Oleg Belyak together with Stive Morgan mentioned above recorded the album “Men’s Conversation”; some tracks you can hear in the film. Nice music and I’m delighted by the talent and professionalism of the musicians!