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Here is our great team – Anna (the little one) and Svetlana. Anna is my daughter and an excellent traveller. During this journey she turned 9 years old. She is the most curious person I have ever met. It’s a pleasure to watch her enthusiasm at discovering this world. Not every day of our journey was easy and careless– there were difficult days. But Anna never complained. She ate what was served on the table, played with things that were at her hand, made friends with children whose language she couldn’t understand… and she did it happily! Both of us have grown up a lot in this travel.

I graduated from Tver State University with a degree in Linguistics and International Communication and the faculty of Directing Mediaprogramms at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

I love learning and I do it every day.

I love travelling and therefore I travel a lot.

I love cinematography, camera and film-making – that is why I work towards creating this film every day with passion and joy!