Our Documentary Films

We capture our years of travel life in documentary films that we produce independently and together.

Our travel film "Anna, Asia, and Me: 250 Days on the Road" Part 1 was screened in many cinemas in Germany in 2019. Now, this film is also available for download for your home cinema. Here is the movie trailer!

Saudi-Arabia: let's sleep in the desert

Our journey to Saudi Arabia was not planned; it simply happened by chance. Saudi Arabia is anything but touristy and was closed to tourists until recently. But after so many years of travel experience, we knew that we could handle it in Saudi Arabia and find it exciting and fun. Anna’s idea was to sleep in the desert. Why not? But we travel with only hand luggage and have no camping equipment, and of course, no tent. Watch the trailer!

 "U.S.DRIVE: beyond our control" -  a documentary film, a road movie about an adventures road trip through the United States of America. Watch the trailer!


A documentary film about our 290 days around the World  is in production now!

Watch our film trailer!