I travel around the World with my daughter Anna, and we produce travel documentary films!

• The documentary film "ANNA, ASIA and ME. 250 DAYS ON THE ROAD" Part 1 on Film Tournee in Germany in September 2019!

This travel doku is now available as a DOWNLOAD! (Russian Original Version with English Subtitles)

Berlin, Hannover, Leipzig, Dresden, Riesa, Meißen, Burg bei Magdeburg, Itzehoe. New screenings follow! All updates in NEWS, on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Anna, Asia and Me. 250 Days on the Road" Part 1. Trailer. 

The 2. Part of our travel documentary film "Anna, Asia and Me. 250 Days on the Road" in post-production now. We are going on a Cinema-Tournee in Germany and Switzerland in Sommer/Autumn 2020. All updates about our travel documentaries and screenings are in NEWS.

• With my daughter Anna we traveled AROUND the WORLD!

A documentary film about our 290 days around the World  is in production now!

Watch our film trailer! 

 "U.S.DRIVE: beyond our control" -  a documentary film, a road movie about an adventures road trip through the United States of America.

This documentary film has its own FILMPAGE>