Homeschooling – Worldschooling – Unschooling?

Homeschooling while travelling

We both have been traveling for more than 5 years now, have lived in many countries and made a trip around the world.

I took my daughter out of school system, because I believe she can develop better while traveling and exploring the real world and not the "world" in school books. Also she has more time and space for her talents and strengths.

Our "travel school" has changed over the years - from homeschooling to free-learning. It wasn't an easy way, but it was totally worth it for us!

In this part of our travel blog I am writing about how our worldschooling looked like in different times, what Anna learned these years and how she did it. In the article "Learning resources for homeschoolers" you will find a list of free learning materials collected by Anna. She is using these materials and is happy with.

We also have a group on Facebook "Kinder lernen von Kindern" where kids are teaching kids. The idea was to make a group for German speaking kids, but now kids from all over the world joined this group and there are more than 30 languages there! This group will be helpful for children 8 to 18 who are interested in language or other exchange with kids from different countries. You are welcome to join.

Our favorite schools around the World