We are trying something new – parasailing! I’m anxious, but Anna is as calm as possible. A desperate shriekon start  – and we are in the sky! We’re floating above the Bay of Islands in New Zealand – a kind of huge parachute is above us, below us is a blue ocean and plenty of small islands. A long rope connects us and a tiny boat of Bay of Islands Parasail team. A dazzling blue sky on the right, Anna’s excited eyes and her broad smile on the left. I’m smiling from ear to ear too. We’re flying and smiling. A very special moment.

“Anna, you won’t forget our flying, will you? Even if we quarrel badly, please remember what we have experienced together…” I ask her.

Anna stretches her arms towards me, “I won’t forget! And we’ll never quarrel!”

So we’ve made a deal!

I wish we could fly and fly above New Zealand and watched it from the sky discussing important things… But the Bay of Islands Parasail team successfully returned us on the ground and it took me a lot of time to pull myself together. 20 minutes in the air and this day and this place will stay forever in our memory! Thanks for this new and unforgettable experience!