Cenotes are systems of underground rivers formed naturally from the collapse of limestone caves. This natural miracle can be seen only at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. There are about 6000 thousand cenotes around in this region! And most of them has not even been studied. The people of Maya were very sensitive to these underwater caves, according to their beliefs, the cenotes were the entrances to the other world and a connection to the afterlife. They used them as a place for ritual ceremonies and sacrifices. With Extreme Control Adventures team we went to one of the cenotes in the Tulum region. 

Each of us got a stand-up puddle board (SUP) and we started off. Anna was already familiar with SUPs, she paddled really fast and confidently and even performed some yogi-like stands on it. I was more than cautious. My mission was not to drown the camera. We passed a resting crocodile and jumped into the cool and unusually clear and blue waters of the cenote. We swam with the masks among the mangrove roots in the narrow underwater caves and reached the place where the waters of the Cenote and the Caribbean Sea meet! 

The beauty of the underwater caves was breathtaking! We obediently swam behind our guide and followed his instructions. Although I am an adventurous person and prefer to discover everything on my own, I would not swim in the underground caves without a professional guide. It was a very good idea to join a guided Extreme Control tour!

It was a completely new and unique experience! The people of Maya were right, the cenotes are something magic! Many thanks to the guys from Extreme Control for showing us the mysterious world of cenotes! And special thanks to our very responsible and attentive guide for an unforgettable voyage, new knowledge and the sense of security we had all the tour! (in spite of the crocodile, many meters depth and some pretty scary legends of Maya;)

P.S. I could not get a good picture of the crocodile… it’s not that easy to shoot a crocodile balancing on a Stand-up paddle board! But if you look carefully, you will definitely find it in one of the photos below!