Ogoh-Ogoh – monster parade on Bali

March 6 - New Year's Parade "Ogoh-Ogoh" - Bali smashes the monsters!

The people of Bali have a great imagination... Until today it is the most crazy event, the most wild and huge ceremony (the whole island of Bali was involved!), the loudest parade (I don’t even know how to call this action) that I visited. I was shocked ... and now I love Bali even more! 😉

ogoh ogoh ubud Bali
nyepi bali
ogogo Bali ubud

The figures are huge! It takes around 2 months to create one.

ogoh ogoh 2019

After "Ogoh-Ogoh", when the Balinese had a victory over evil spirits and demons and burned their remains, the Day of Silence (Nyepi) begins. To be honest, after such a monster parade, the "Day of Silence" is simply vital for the brain, eyes and ears to recover from the experience in the night before!

During the "Day of Silence" the entire island is quite and empty. People are not allowed to leave their homes, all tourists have to stay in their hotel rooms, no working, no cooking food, no fire and the lights must be turned off in the evening. No entertainment, Bali is cut off from the Internet on this day. Everything is closed. Even the airport! As far as I know, it is the only case in the world when an airport is closed for religious reasons. A day for silence, pray and meditation. This is definitely the most original New Year's celebration in my life. Highly recommend!