Aquasail 360 – Sailing School in India

My daughter Anna (12 years old) really wanted to learn sailing a sailboat.  It took me a long time to find a good and safe sailing school; I surfed the Internet, read many reviews and analyzed feedback. In the end I’ve decided that India is quite good for this purpose. Here are some basic reasons why I have chosen this wonderful country:

  • Warm ocean any time of the year!
  • No sharks!
  • Very reasonable price in comparison with Europe, Australia and the USA!
  • We craved to ride India and we needed one more appropriate excuse!

Aquasail 360 is a sailing school number 1 in India! And this is not my humble opinion; this title is reasonably grounded for several reasons below:

1) First rate equipment! Everything, including classrooms, showers, safety deposit boxes, office and its premises – are of the highest standards!

2) All the instructors have got international certificates! Their English is excellent and they have international certificates of very prestigious institutions.

Aquasail India Goa sailing class

Photo: Anna with instructor Nour and Maville, one of the managers of Goa sailing school.

3) Location.  Aquasail India has got 3 sailing schools in the country – in Mumbai, Madwa and Goa. We have chosen Goa. Its location is genius, it’s easy to get here – the school is located at the hotel Grand Hyatt territory at the Bambolim beach).

Aquasail 360 Bambolim Goa sailing class

Photo: Aquasail 360 fleet of boats at the Bambolim beach

4) Extremely High safety standards! Every sailing training is followed by a safety boat responsible for security and for supervising weather conditions. The process of teaching is well organized. During the whole period of training I was perfectly sure that my child is under incessant control and she’s safe and sound.

5) Wonderful reviews! Hundreds of delighted clients and positive feedback from TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. (Yes, I respect the experience of others and I gave loads of feedback myself for the best companies to be the first ones and we, clients, have the best service!) 

About the course

My daughter Anna had a two-days sailing dinghy course for kids. It started at the classroom with some theory: here “young” captains learn the basics, tie the reef knots, learn safety rules and other important subtleties – such as weather conditions, wind directions and some useful sailing terminology! Anna followed every word with delight and easily absorbed the new subject! Motivation and a child’s sincerer interest make wonders!

Aquasail India sailing school Goa

Photo: Happy and highly motivated Anna

Aquasail India sailing class for children

After learning theory Anna and her instructor Nour went to the boat station where they were fully equipped.

Aquasail India sailing school Goa Bambolim

Almost all the boats are new and all well maintained. Anna had a very lovely dingy boat Laser Pico.

Aquasail India sailing class Bambolim Goa

Anna’s instructor Nour is one of the most pleasant acquaintances we’ve made while travelling all over the world. I really appreciate such positive people; using their charisma and a good sense of humor, they can make a thrilling adventure out of ordinary lesson. Just after two days Anna could operate a boat on her own and quite confidently.

Aquasail India Goa sailing school

Anna diligently practiced hour after hour in the sea. She practiced not only in perfect weather conditions but also when it was windy and there were rather frisky waves. One of the most important parts of the course was practicing actions in cases of force majeure. For example, they several times overturned the boat to give Anna the opportunity to put it upright and climb back to the board.

Aquasail India sailing class

Just on the second day of the course my daughter gave me a ride in the ocean, wind in our hair! I was so proud of her! At last there come out one more person in our team whom I can trust to take the wheel! I have been waited this moment for 12 years!

Aquasail 360 India Goa sailing classes

Anna beamed with delight while she attended the course. She enjoyed every minute of it and Aquasail school is now in her best-school-ever list.  Sailing practice in windy weather was especially memorable for her!

Aquasail 360 Goa Bambolim travel films
Aquasail 360 Bambolim Goa
Aquasail sailing school Goa

At the end of the course Anna got an international certificate that enables her to sail dinghy at any part of the world! All at once a new plan appeared in her mind - to set off on a new voyage around the world. But this time not by car or train, but under sail, and moreover she would like to steer the boat by herself! Wow, what a plan! When I was 12, I had much smaller plans and ambitions… Well done Anna, think big!

Aquasail India Goa sailing class certificate

My daughter and me are enormously proud and grateful! We wish to thank Aquasail team for their knowledge and skills they shared with us, for excellent atmosphere on board, for good organization of teaching process, for safety measures and the warm welcome!

Except dinghy sailing Aquasail has a variety of water activities: surfing, kayaking, boating, kite surfing…or just cruise sailing. Many things to learn! 

Photo: Anna painted a picture for her sailing instructor Nour. 

Address and contact details of Aquasail India in Goa:

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Bambolim Goa - 403 206, Phone: +91 9004493207