After a long march along the northern part of Australia and several nights at our car among wild landscapes and kangaroos, we reached Townsville on the eastern part of Australia. We were dusty, tired but full of various impressions. We longed for the forthcoming rest and a couple of weeks of “normal life” to digest the impressions and plan where and how we go further and the most important how to celebrate the Christmas and Happy New 2018 Year! We wanted to meet it in comport and at home atmosphere!

I organized all that using the portal Aussiehousesitters. Housesitting is a new experience for me and it works like this – when house owners go on holiday, they need someone to look after their house and very often after their pet! There are plenty of offers on the site, different houses and conditions, variety of pets to look after. In Australia apart from cats and dogs there can be cows, sheep, horses and even donkeys. I came across offers with sort of reptiles even pythons! Anna wanted to take care of a donkey, but I chose for us a more comfortable and tranquil variant – a three-storey house with a garden and a cat in sunny Townsville near the ocean… Perfect variant for the Christmas vacation!

We were very nicely met by a young family; they gave us food, some instructions what to do and went on holiday. We were obliged to feed a very beautiful and polite cat called Boston, water 2 fruit trees and look after the house. At last we had the chance and opportunity for simple things such as work, study, planning our next destination, shopping, cooking and washing! I enjoyed doing the washing immensely and washed our journey clothes several times. We met new 2018 impeccably neat and tidy. Perfect time in Townsville! It was good for us and we helped nice people. Double pleasure! Thanks to the team of Aussiehousesitters for this nice opportunity to help others and ourselves!