2017 was an excellent year! It deserved a decent seeing out! What a great send-off we had! We rounded beautiful Magnetic Island (Townsville, Australia) on the board of the most beautiful yacht the Big Mama.

The team of the Big Mama is a family of Lisa, Stu and Fletcher. How well and smoothly they worked! And how positive and happy they were! We jumped from the board of the Big Mama into the blue water, examined some coral reefs near Magnetic, did some kayaking, toppled from SUP – boards, ate delicious food, jumped into the ocean again and laughed a lot…

I could completely relax as Stu and Fletcher looked carefully after the guests frolicking in the water, so I didn’t have to watch Anna and her movements. I was calm and happy, swimming among fish and enjoyed coral reefs. The day passed very quickly, but it brought to us so much joy and positive energy that I can’t help smiling each time when I remember it. I can’t imagine a better way to see 2017 off! It was mega-super-awesome! We are very grateful to Lisa, Stu and Fletcher for an unforgettable and very joyful day!