On the way from Cancun to the south of Mexico we stopped in Tulum on the Caribbean coast for a couple of days. We stayed at Casa Ambar in the heart of the trendy coastal street in Tulum, just one minute’s walk to the white sandy beach. We stayed in a room with a terrace facing directly to the jungle. This place became our favorite – we had our regular tea-times and lengthy conversations with Anna, sitting there and enjoying the nature directly in front of us. Beautiful!
The hotel Casa Ambar is built in harmony with the surrounding nature, even huge palm trees are growing in the lobby. Ecological awareness is one of the priorities of the hotel team. Casa Ambar produces itself the largest part of electricity it needs by using solar panels, composts  biological waste and recycles all glass, cans and plastic. The sustainable water system in the hotel converts sewage waste water into usable water for the plants in the surrounding gardens.

The design of the hotel is amazing – beautiful “old-style” furniture, almost royal chandeliers! Each room in Casa Ambar is unique, each has its own look and decor.

Every morning the team serves a delicious and healthy breakfast, and for the guests who prefer to cook their own meals during the day, there is a kitchen with everything one needs and a huge wooden dining table (with fruits for the guests on there!) in the common area. Casa Ambar provides unlimited drinking water, which is very helpful in Mexico (tap water in Mexico is not suitable for drinking, in some places even boiled water is not good enough for drinking).

Casa Ambar has bicycles (the most popular and convenient transport around Tulum), and the most unique bonus for the guests are free excursions to a private cave and lagoon! Exclusively for hotel guests only! The hotel staff is very attentive and helpful! During our stay at Casa Ambar I had an eye-infection, and the hotel staff helped me very much; they even prepared compresses from special plants for me! I appreciate it very much! Many thanks to the management of the hotel for the support provided to our film project! And huge thanks to the entire team of Casa Ambar for their care and wonderful service!