On the way to the pyramids of Calakmul (one of the largest preserved Mayan pyramids!) we settled in a wonderful place Casa Kaan near the town of Xpijul, Campeche region, Mexico. Hotel Casa Kaan is located away from the main road and the town, there are several bungalows with a huge private area surrounded by untouched jungle. We were cordially greeted by the owner of Casa Kaan Nicholas and led to our house “Aguacate”.

This place is just a fairy tale! Here we are, deep in the Mexican jungle, but at the same time enjoy all the comforts of modern life! We have a beautiful bungalow: a kitchen with huge windows and all necessary equipment for our culinary experiments with Anna, a living room with a sofa for cozy evenings with informative books about Mexico, a cozy bedroom and a terrace overlooking the garden. Many hummingbirds and other colorful birds are frolicking in the trees. All Casa Kaan bungalows are located in a good distance from each other, during our stay we did not hear any other guests. Only the singing of the birds and the rustling of the jungle.
We loved the kitchen in out bungalow! There is no glass in the panoramic windows, only a mosquito net. And just behind this net – untouched jungle! Sitting in the kitchen we are inside and outside at the same time – fresh air and wonderful singing of colorful birds without even leaving the house! Brilliant!

In the morning we went into the kitchen, and a delicious breakfast was waiting for us there! Attentive staff serves breakfast directly into the kitchen in the bungalow to a convenient time for their guests. The cleanliness in Casa Kaan is impeccable, the service is excellent, and the whole atmosphere is just the way I like it – a lot of private territory, silence and closeness to nature. Casa Kaan is definitely one of the best accommodations in the region! (I studied all possible options before I made the choice!) We are very grateful to the Casa Kaan team for the hospitality and warm welcome, for our wonderful “Aguacate” and all the beauty around it!