In the city of Puerto-Vallarta (Mexico, the Pacific coast) there is a chocolate museum – Choco Museo Puerto Vallarta. It goes without saying, we couldn’t help passing by and we even participated in the workshop “From bean to bar”. We learnt plenty of new information about the history of cocoa and the “chocolate” traditions of the indigenous people of Mexico! After the short introduction into the history of chocolate and familiarization with the traditional tools, we got started – we roasted cocoa beans, grinded them into powder, boiled them and immediately tasted delicious exotic drinks based on Maya recipes! And then we made our own chocolate candies! The chocolate was perfect, just as we love – 70 percent of the cocoa; to make it even more nutritious, I stuffed my candies with various kinds of seeds. Anna made herself a huge portion with different fillings.

While our handy made candies were cooling in the fridge, we tasted many exotic chocolate combinations on the first floor of the museum. Can you imagine – jam with cocoa or cocoa macaroni? Crazy chocolate lovers can invent everything! 

At the end of the workshop we packed our candies nicely, but we were not able to deliver them to our hotel. It was extremely hot outside and to save our masterpieces from the heat, we were obliged to eat them all at a cafe nearby… What an amazing day! New knowledge, exciting experience and very delicious Chocó-lunch! Many thanks to the team of Choco Museo Puerto Vallarta!