Ayutthaya, Thailand 

In the centre of ancient city Ayutthaya (a UNESCO world heritage site) there is Kamalar Palace. This is a settlement of 21 villas with a private road between them. There aren’t any external vehicles and thus no traffic noise. Only birds are singing and banana trees rustling in the wind. Mr. Kamalar hospitably offered us a villa of 200 m2. Two floors, three bedrooms, a balcony, a huge hall and a patio with fruit trees – all these at our disposal! It was quite inappropriate to stagger through the magnificent hall into villa. So we straightened our shoulders and unbent our backs (arched slightly due to the heavy backpacks) … and proudly stepped inside.

Kamalar Palace is something more than just luxurious villas! Mr. Kamalar gives his guests an opportunity to dive into a Thai lifestyle. Every day his nice daughter Kan goes to local market and interested guests  can always join her. And later they can transform their purchases into a traditional Thai dinner under Kan’s supervision. Needless to say, we did it! There is no need to attend additional courses of Thai cuisine. If you spend a couple of days at Kamalar Palace, you’ll learn to cook a lot of delicious Thai dishes! Cheerful and interesting evenings are guaranteed – Kan sings beautifully and Mr. Kamalar can surely entertain you with a story from his life. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, Mr. Kamalar and his daughter do everything for the comfort of their guests! This is definitely one of the most unique places in Ayutthaya!