La Villa Teresa is located on one of the highest hills in Havana in the suburb Vibora. The magnificent building is 100 years old! But it did not always look so gorgeous. Silvio and Jenny, a young family, bought the nearly ruined villa a few years ago and rebuilt it. After three years of reconstruction La Villa Teresa is now open for guests. It is a unique hotel in Havana! I can hardly imagine how much work, energy and will were invested in this project! In Cuba, where buying simple things for everyday use could be a real challenge! I respect people who are able to build something valuable out of almost nothing! La Villa Teresa is located in a very quiet residential area in Havana, in a small street with almost no traffic. The center of the city is easy to reach by taxi (for those who prefers comfort), or by public bus (for those who like some adventures for a very reasonable price). We always took a bus and were very pleasantly surprised. The Cubans were very friendly to us and helpful, Anna even got sweets from the passengers. (Knowing how little most of Cuban people have and how difficult it is to get some products here, we really appreciate their little presents!)

La Villa Teresa has two large furnished terraces on top of the roof. From there you can see the whole Havana. The top roof terrace offers a 360 degree view: it is both great for sunrises and for sunsets. The unique colonial decor, very high ceilings with magnificent chandeliers, exclusive pieces of furniture and antique objects; you live here like in a beautiful museum! With one difference – you can use everything. La Villa Teresa is surrounded by a beautiful garden, and soon there will be a swimming pool for guests. The owners and the team really do everything to make their villa even more beautiful and comfortable for their visitors. The entire hotel team is extremely friendly, attentive and helped us a lot with information and advices.

In this extraordinary atmosphere we celebrated our next anniversary  – 9 months on the road! Many thanks to Jenny and Silvio for the hospitality and warmth we were welcomed in La Villa Teresa! And many thanks to the whole hotel team for the excellent service and friendly atmosphere in the live-museum in Havana!