I have never seen a hotel like this! The team of the Eco-Hotel Las Mariposas makes “bricks” from plastic bottles, which will be used as building material for houses for families in needs in Mexico! In addition, they collect milk packaging which further will be used for walls insulation in the houses. There is a container for collecting special plastic (mainly plastic bottles’ caps) in the lobby. Las Mariposas sells this plastic (some factories use it for producing furniture) and the money goes for buying wigs for cancer patients! And this is not all – Las Mariposas supports many very human projects, there are many letters of appreciation and awards on the walls around! Las Mariposas is one of the first hotels in Oaxaca which began to produce its own electricity by installing solar panels. The water supply system of the hotel is arranged in such a way that it allows collecting rainwater in the cisterns for further use. Rain water is used not only for watering plants in the garden, but also for cleaning the floors! The amazing Theresa leads Las Mariposas. Practically from nothing she created this Eco-Hotel  in 35 years of work! We were happy to be able to stay in such a unique and beautiful place and to learn Teresa. I really admire such people! How many new, interesting, inspiring and useful things I have learned from our talk! 

We spent 5 relaxed days there, and it was a wonderful time! We had a cozy studio with our own kitchen. All the windows overlook the garden, and it’s just wonderful! It is full of greenery and flowers! The garden and rooms are lovely decorated with handmade works. Las Mariposas Eco Hotel has a very pleasant, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. No outside noise is here (I really appreciate silence and places where I can enjoy it)! This is a great place for both leisure and work or study! We are very grateful to Theresa and her team for the hospitality, support, all comfort and the friendly atmosphere they all created in this unique place!