“NanaVida!” is an exclamation of joy in the language of one of the indigenous groups in the Oaxaca region, Mexico. When things are going well or something great happens, they shout “NanaVida!”. When they receive good news, they exclaim: “NanaVida!”

In the city of Oaxaca there is a hotel that has the same name – NanaVida Hotel Boutique! We stayed there, and I can assure that the name is very suitable for the place! 

NanaVida Hotel Boutique is located in the central part of Oaxaca city, but it is built in such a way that all the windows and doors overlooking a quiet, cozy courtyard and garden with fruit trees. It is very quiet in the rooms; the night life of the city does not disturb the sleep of NanaVida guests. We stayed at this hotel for five days and enjoyed every moment! Our morning began with the most delicious and healthy breakfast under the mango and grapefruit trees in the courtyard. (Of course, we tasted the fruits of the mango – very tasty! Grapefruits were not ready yet:) NanaVida Hotel Boutique has terrific staff – true professionals delivering excellent service, caring and friendly people! Even the check-in to the hotel had pleasant surprises: Anna immediately received a small gift, we got welcome drinks and were offered a choice of several types of handmade soap for our room (Anna chose chocolate soap, so we smelled deliciously all the time staying at the hotel.), then we were led to our amazing room. NanaVida Hotel Boutique is decorated with the pictures and pieces of works of local painters and artisans; the entire hotel décor is very stylish and unique! The interior of the hotel is so inspiring – we immediately wanted to draw, to sculpt, to shoot pictures and to create our own art! The owners of the hotel Gladys and Hector buy art objects from the artists of the Oaxaca region. They pay very fair prices for their works, as it is important for them to support local masters.
We were very fortunate to meet Gladys and her wonderful family personally! Moreover, we were invited to the birthday party of the wonderful twin boys of Gladys and Hector! It was our first visit to an authentic Mexican birthday party! While Anna were jumping happily with all the kids and beating the piñata, I thought about how lucky we were with the people during our journey! Many thanks to wonderful Gladys, to Hector and to the whole hotel team for the support provided to our project, for the hospitality and sincere welcome, for the wonderful time in the amazingly beautiful NanaVida Hotel Boutique!

Murguía 405, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.

(+52) 951 501 1285