Our next dream has come true! We can hardly believe it, but we already are in the huge colourful hot-air balloon of Flying Pictures high in the sky. It is an early morning: the settlements and forests are misty, the air is fresh and cool; we are basking in the rays of the rising sun and near the open flame that heats the air of our balloon. We are rising higher and higher until we are floating above the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan – the huge pyramid of the Sun, next the pyramid of the Moon… we are looking at these eternal constructions from above, and our faces are shining with joy! And not only ours – all the passengers in the balloon are radiant with delight and can’t stop clicking their cameras!

Flying Pictures is managed by Sean, he has been organizing balloon flights for 36 years! He has vast experience and one can feel it immediately – the entire organizational process is at the highest level. We did not have to worry about anything: in the morning we were picked up by car from our hotel, taken to the place of flight, introduced to the team, offered tea and coffee; when everything was ready, the team helped us to get into the basket and we went flying above the pyramids. 

After the flight all the guests were offered sparkling wine – this is a special ritual, since wine has played a very important role during the very first balloon flight! Then we all went to a local restaurant where a chic buffet for breakfast was served. After more than a hearty breakfast, we both happy and exited, were taken to our hotel. Many thanks to the Flying Picturees team for this extraordinary experience and to the manager Sean for the excellent organization and his kind hospitality!