We’ve reached Australia. It’s a completely new country, new continent and new stage for us. We’ve landed at Darwin at sunrise. It was magnificent and in spite of a sleepless night at the plane we were delighted. The delight of new discoveries! We also were happy to have an invitation from Palms City Resort and we knew we were expected there. At 6 a.m. we were warmly greeted at the hotel and moved in one of the houses. Can you imagine: a cozy, fully equipped house under the palm leaves with terrace, kitchen, barbeque and … with our own whirlpool surrounded by tropical plants! Wow! At 6.30 a.m we were happily hopping near the breakfast bar. Colorful sunrise as wide as the sky, delicious breakfast accompanying by birds’ singing, a cozy house with palms and a sea view, swimming pool and sitting together in the whirlpool… we need so little for happiness 😉 Anna confessed once again that she is the happiest child on Earth… These words are worth travelling halfway round the world!

What a nice start for our Australian journey! Just as if one of my favorite sayings: As soon as you get used to a good life, it gets even better!