Island Phu Quoc, Vietnam. After several very intensive weeks on the road we longed for peace and solitude to digest impressions and get new energy. We went to a comparatively non-touristic north-west  part of the Phu Quoc Island and settled in one of Gold Sand Beach Bungalows. Just near the sea. Peace and quiet. Only the noise of the sea… and (sometimes) of Anna 😉 We got up at dawn to see the Sun and celebrate a new day start with a cup of tea at the beach.These dawns were unforgettable! And I won’t forget Son – the owner of Gold Sand Beach Bungalow! Not every day one can meet a Vietnamese man who speaks Russian fluently, got education at St. Petersburgh University and spent his holidays at students’ construction team at the far north of Russia! And then many years later he built a nice bungalow at the sand beach of Phu Quoc and every day he himself and his family work for us – tourists – to make us happy!