Sukhayus Ayurveda Resort Cherai Beach

I have wanted to reward myself with Ayurvedic treatments for a long time. And since the birthplace of Ayurveda is Kerala, India, I considered this region. I researched throroughly and settled on the Ayurvedic resort of Sukhayus Cherai Beach


1) The location of the resort Sukhayus Cherai Beach is unique - on a narrow isthmus between one of the best beaches of Kerala (Cherai Beach) and backwaters with fishermen with boats and regionally unique Chinese nets.

Kerala, after all, is famous for the whole world for Ayurvedic treatments, but also for golden beaches and picturesque backwaters  - and all this is in Cherai Beach! Sunrise can be viewed on the banks of the backwaters, and sunsets enjoyed on the easily accessible golden sandy beach.

Kerala Backwaters Sukhayus Ayurveda Cherai

Photo: sunrise in Sukhayus, time for morning yoga and meditation

Sukhayus Cherai Beach Kerala backwaters

Photo: traditional Chinese fishing nets in Kerala backwaters

Cherai Beach Kerala Sunset

Photo: Cherai Beach, sunset...

2) When choosing a place for an Ayurvedic retreat, I was very impressed by the numerous certificates and licenses that Sukhayus Cherai Beach has!


3) Excellent reviews from grateful and satisfied guests on Tripadvisor and Google!

We decided to go to Sukhayus Cherai Beach!

The representative of the resort met us at the airport. From Kochi International Airport to Sukhayus is only 30 kilometers, so we arrived very quickly.

And we immediately fell in love with this place - it is magical!

Sukhayus Cherai Beach Kerala Ayurveda resort

Photo: Evening atmosphere, peace and harmony 

Sukhayus Cherai Beach Wellness resort

Photo: ready for South Indian breakfast

In the morning, after a delicious Indian breakfast, I was invited to see Ayurveda specialist doctor. The doctor (dressed not in a medical gown, but in a beautiful sari!) examined me, conducted tests, asked many questions and gave me great news that I am a healthy person! I suspected that I was, but was very glad to hear it from a professional. I was assigned a weekly Ayurvedic program for rejuvenation, beauty, relaxation of body and soul.

After the consultation, we immediately launched into the program - two young female therapists came, and it started! Chakradar, Kizi, massages, wraps, patting fragrant herbal bags ... every day I had a new procedure! The process of regeneration of body and soul had started

Sukhayus Ayurvedic treatments

Photo: Ayurvedic Oil massage with 4 hands

Our day in Sukhayus Cherai Beach began with yoga at sunrise - with a view of the rising sun and fishermen throwing nets into the backwaters. Sometimes in the early morning you could hear singing from a temple on the other side. The atmosphere is indescribable! Yoga classes were held for each of the guests individually, depending on the state of health and indications. My daughter Anna joined me, and her success impressed me! We still perform the same complex of yoga together every morning which we were taught by the teacher from Sukhayus.

Sukhayus Ayurveda Wellness Kerala Yoga

Photo: Yoga at sunrise, greeting the new day and the sun

Sukhayus Ayurveda Kerala Yoga session

Photo: Yoga sessions with our teacher Anjal Krischna

Sukhayus Ayurveda Wellness Heritage Yoga session

Photo: Anna is definitely making progress!

All Ayurvedic procedures were performed simultaneously by two therapists - with four hands. The therapists in the resort are very attentive, pleasant and smiling professionals. I was immediately struck by the smiling faces of the staff. Without exception, from management to the gardener, they delighted us with sincere, sparkling smiles, so much positive energy and goodwill came from them. I fell in love with Kerala and the people for their soulfulness, openness and friendliness!

Ayurveda treatment sukhayus Kerala

Photo: the therapists bring me to perfection!

The territory of the Ayurvedic resort Sukhayus Cherai Beach is very calm and well-kept, in the garden there are many plants, flowers and cozy places for yoga and meditation. It is very quiet, and the hotel is impeccably clean. The main building of Sukhayus is unique - the rooms on the second floor of the hotel are traditional Kerala wooden houses brought from the villages of the region! The houses have been restored to accommodate guests!

Kerala traditional wooden house Sukhayus Ayurveda

Photo: The ceiling of the traditional wooden Kerala house. Now it is a part of Sukhayus interiors.

Kerala traditional wooden house Sukhayus room

Photo: Kerala traditional wooden house equipped with all modern amenities

Kerala traditional wooden house Sukhayus

In the garden, right next to the backwater, there is an outdoor swimming pool, and next to it is a picturesque fish pond. There is a gym and bicycles for guests and, of course, a restaurant with excellent Indian cuisine and more. Be sure to try the amla juice! It's taste is somewhat peculiar, but the health benefits are immense! Amla is widely used in Ayurveda, and there are good reasons for this!

Sukhayus Ayurveda Wellness Heritage Cherai Beach

Photo: The main building of Sukhayus and the pond in front of it. By the way, the name of the resort means the following - "Sukh" - healthy, "Ayus" - life. Sukhayus = "healthy life."

Sukhayus Ayurveda Resort Kerala

In the restaurant we tried a traditional Kerala dinner (Sadhya)! It is unique in dishes and how they are served - it is a whole ritual! In order to enjoy dinner while contemplating the sunset over the ocean, we walked to the roof of the hotel - there is a restaurant with a beautiful view of the ocean and the backwaters of Kerala.

Sukhayus Cherai Kerala Dinner

Photo: This is not just a delicious dinner, this is the tradition of Kerala in action!

Sadhya Kerala traditional dinner Sukhayus

Photo: As it should be according to local traditions, we ate with our hands. In India, it is believed that food should be taken with your hands, using all 5 fingers that correspond to 5 divine elements (water, fire, ether, earth and air). When a person eats with his hands, they touch all five elements, and their beneficial effects extend to the body.

Sukhayus Cherai Ayurveda Resort dinner

Photo: Sunset over the ocean and over our table 🙂

Sukhayus resort dinner Cherai Kerala

Photo: A healthy drink from Pathimukhan prepared in the tradition of Ayurveda.

Sukhayus Cherai Beach Kerala Ayurveda

The ayurvedic resort Sukhayus Cherai Beach operates under the auspices of a group of clinics Punarnava Ayurveda, and treat wide variety of diseases. During our week-long stay here several guests spoke about significant improvements in their health. I made sure that ayurveda works efficiently. Ayurvedic remedies, which are used for treatments in Sukhayus, are produced by the head company Punarnava, which runs these clinics and resorts and grows its own ayurvedic plants!

Ayurvedic herbals Sukhayus Kerala

Photo: Weird and wonderful variety of ayurvedic plants, most of them I've never seen before 

Sukhayus Ayurveda Cherai Heritage

Happy and cheerful we explored the neighborhood of Sukhayus and discovered a lot of interesting things. The main treasure of the region is definitely Cherai Beach with the finest golden sand. I have never experienced such a warm ocean as in Kerala!

Sukhayus Cherai Beach Kerala

Photo: Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach Kerala Travel Films

There are many temples in and around the village of Cherai, and since there are many designated religious days in Hinduism, there are lots of chances to attend a festival, a celebration or a religious ceremony! The atmosphere is very colourful and friendly; my soul danced under the drums and mantras.

Cherai temple festival Kerala travel films
Cherai temple festival Kerala Bogdanova
Cherai beach temple festival Kerala

A few kilometers from Sukhayus there is a picturesque fishing port. It is best to visit in the morning when work on sorting and loading fish, repairing nets is in full swing, and greedy birds carry the catch from the fishermen. Very colorful!

Kerala fishermans harbour India

A few kilometers away is the oldest mosque in India - Cheraman Juma Mosque.

the oldest mosk in india kerala

Photo: Cheraman Juma - the first mosque in India, built in the year 629.

The historic center of the region - Fort Kochi is 25 kilometers from the resort. For someone who prefers urban life and would like to spend time in Fort Kochi, there is a second hotel - Sukhayus Fort Kochi located in the historical part of the city. It is indeed historical -  built in the old storehouse for tea and spices. Two years ago the building was restored, and now the spirit of ayurveda reigns here. Both Sukhayus ayurvedic resorts belong to the Punarnava company, and people from 52 countries of the world have had Ayurvedic treatment here!

Sukhayus Ayurveda Fort Kochi

Photo: Hotel Sukhayus Ayurveda Fort Kochi. The walls are painted by a local artist who told the story of Ayurveda in drawings.

We spent one week in Sukhayus Cherai Beach, and it flew by. We became friends with the staff and other guests. I did not want to leave. On the evening before we left, the resort team prepared a sweet surprise for us - we came out of our room, and the table was laid on the terrace; the hotel team was waiting standing and smiling. How nice and how touching! We are definitely lucky with people!

Sukhayus Ayurveda Wellness Heritage food

Photo: Chocolate Bon Voyage... so touching!

Sukhayus Ayurveda retreat Cherai Beach

Photo: Anna is very imbued with the atmosphere of Sukhayus and even drew a picture of the hotel as a gift!

Thank you so much, lovely Sukhayus team, for an unforgettable time in your paradise, for preserving the traditions of ayurveda and sharing its healing power with the world! Thank you for the wonderful ayurvedic program and the positive energy that we received while visiting!

Sukhayus Cherai Beach address and contact details:

Cherai Beach - Munambam Rd, Cherai, Kuzhuppilly, Kerala 683514, India

Tel: +91 9544605301