For 5 hours we were driving the car through the storm, heavy rain, lightings, closed roads because of the car accidents and with only one eye (the second was swollen due to the insect’s bite)… That was a day! But it was worth it! We achieved our next destination The Explorean Kohunlich and there…

– We were met with flowers and strawberries with chocolate!

– Our photos were at the beds in the bungalow prepared for us!

– There were words of greetings in Russian in the room! 

We were delighted! We beamed with happiness and gratitude! We arrived at The Explorean Kohunlich at about 5 pm, but still in time for a fantastic lunch! (Lunch here is till 6 pm.) Then at 7 pm there was dinner! The table decorated with flowers was laid for us; we were offered delicious dishes! What a gorgeous welcome! 

The Explorean Kohunlich is a resort in the middle of the Mexican jungle in the south of Quintana Roo, close to the border with Belize and Guatemala. Surrounded by untouched nature, this is a perfect retreat for leisure and health! It is so quiet and peaceful here, one can hear the rustling of the trees and the birds’ singing. If you wake up early enough, you have a chance to meet a possum looking for food at the hotel territory.

The hotel area is very spacious – each bungalow has a lot of privacy, and the stylish terraces are surrounded by tropical plants and jungle. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, the guests who visit this place appreciate the peace and closeness to nature. The Explorean Kohunlich is the absolute opposite of the mass tourism hotels.
Everything is included: the day begins with the delivery of coffee and snacks to the terrace, followed by a delicious and healthy breakfast, almost seamlessly followed by a sumptuous lunch followed by a fantastic dinner. In between, there are a lot of “snacks” and drinks for every taste. The kitchen is terrific – very fine and very delicious food, fantastic desserts!
Also, daily excursions are included in The Explorean Kohunlich – sometimes it goes to the Mayan pyramids, sometimes with kayaks towards Bacalar Lake or on a jungle hike. Only 2800 meters from the resort is a very beautiful archaeological site Kohunlich with several Mayan pyramids. This area is free from mass tourism, we had the whole ancient Mayan city just for us!
For the body and soul, there is a swimming pool with jacuzzi and a SPA area. The Explorean Kohunlich has exceptionally attentive and highly professional staff, they provide excellent service! The Explorean Kohunlich is a stylish getaway, one of our favorite places in Mexico! Many thanks to the management and the entire team for the unforgettable and warm welcome, for the excellent service, for the fabulous time in the extraordinary ambiance of The Explorean Kohunlich!