During our trip around the World, Anna and I saw many miracles! Two of them were organized for us by the team of Tulum Diving and Travel! (City of Tulum, Mexico)

In the morning we went by boat along the Caribbean Coast, and after enjoying the great view of the ancient Mayan city in Tulum from the water, we went further to a beautiful reef. We jumped into blue waters, and there the first miracle was waited for us – huge sea turtles!
It was our first time with sea turtles ever! And we did not just stare at them but could come very close and swim with them! Sea turtles are so amazing and cute, how beautiful and harmonious they are moving! Some huge skates joined our company too … we were excited! I’m writing this text and missing that moment… want to jump into blue waters to experience this magic again.

The second part of the tour exceeded our expectations too! With our guide Alex we went to one of the cenotes near Tulum. (Cenotes are systems of underground rivers formed naturally from the collapse of limestone caves. This nature miracle can be seen only at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.)
It was a very beautiful, less visited underground cenote. We plunged into the water and went into the dark and mysterious underground cave. Our guide Alex had a flashlight, so we were swimming together along the serpentine caveamong bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. Alex showed us different creatures and told us many interesting and informative things about cenote formation and the life of its inhabitants.We dived into the water with masks and couldn’t help wondering how nature forces could create so many twisted underwater ways in and out to the cenote, so many exquisite caves of peculiar shapes! It was an unforgettable adventure! This cenote is definitely one of our favorite wonders!

The Tour with Tulum Diving and Travel was an absolute pleasure from the beginning to the end! From the pick up to the return back, everything was highly professional and perfectly organized! I was very pleased with the professionalism of the guide and his very respectful attitude to nature. Many thanks to the great team of Tulum Diving and Travel for this wonderful day and new unique discoveries enriched our journey so much!

Our first sea turtles! In the Caribbean sea with Tulum Diving & Travel! Unsere erste Begegnug mit Meeresschildkröten! Mit Tulum Diving & Travel im Karibischen Meer unterwegs!Наша первая встреча с морскими черепахами! В Карибском море с Tulum Diving & Travel!#seaturtle, #turtle, #tulum, #caribbeansea, #tulumdivingtravel, #морскиечерепахи, #карибскоеморе, #тулум, #aroundtheworld, #travelfilms, #reisefilm, #weltreise, #Schildkröten, #Karibischesmeerwww.travel-films.com

Gepostet von Svetlana Bogdanova am Montag, 25. Juni 2018