We stayed at Bangkok several times, and each time our stay was so different: from colorful Chinese and Indian quarters to a very quiet and unhurried life among Thai people in one of the bedroom suburbs of Bangkok. We have our favorites  – places where we felt especially well! One of our favorite hotels in Bangkok is U-Tiny Boutique Home. It’s located in a quiet and green area of the city, not far from the international airport Suvarnabhumi. Tastefully furnished rooms, perfect state of cleanliness, great swimming pool and a beautiful garden – it is all about them! But most of all I was impressed by the warm welcome of the team. The staff of U-Tiny Boutique Home is definitely one of the best examples of Thai hospitality, politeness and benevolence! During our stay we didn’t see a single frown face, only cordial smiles and sincere kindness. Thank you, dear U-Tiny team, for such a warm welcome! We had a great rest and now we are ready for new adventures!