How much a trip around the world costs?

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How much a trip around the world costs

and "How I finance our travel life" - that is the most popular question. And my answer is: one don't need to be rich to travel around the world! During all years on the way, we haven't met a single millionaire who was travelling around the world. But we met a lot of travelers with a very small budget.

Save money travelling around the world

If you are planing a trip around the world and know how to handle your finances carefully, your trip can be a real saving! For example in our case - a month of travel costs me (for both of us) only 1/3 of the budget that we needed each month for our settled life in Berlin! For example, our trip around the world 2017-2018 (some expensive countries like Australia and New Zealand included) cost me exactly 12 Euros per person per day. Absolutely all our costs were included in this budget: all flights, health insurance, running costs in Germany (such as storage rent, web hosting fees, etc.), including technical equipment if something was broken on the way. We never slept in hostels, had decent private accommodation, enjoyed our life and missed nothing. (If you stay in hostels, even the half budget is enough.)

In Western Europe many people are spending money around even without realizing it. 15-20 Euros are easily spent every day on coffee, snacks or cigarettes. On another side of the world one can live for 1 to 3 days for this amount of money. Live really well! We all have a choice.

How to travel around the world on budget

There are many ways one can make money on the way or travel cheaply by participating in various volunteer projects, workaway, doing homesitting, couch surfing, etc. I am working online, selling our travel films, cooperating with hotels, travel agencies, different local companies (check out our 42 partners from 9 countries around the world!). I really like the "bartering" option. I think we all have some kind of talent that we can share with people on the other side of the world. In this way, we are not only traveling from A to B, but also helping others who need exactly what we are good at. Thanks to projects like this, now we have friends all over the world. This is a real enrichment! Safe travels, enjoy your trip around the world!

Follow your dream!

So many people mistakenly think that they cannot realize the dream of a trip around the world. My opinion is: If you can afford the expensive life in Western Europe, you can also afford a trip around the world! You just need some imagination and a lot of motivation!

Our travel documentary films 

We are producing a travel documentary film about our trip around the World. Here is a trailer. 

Anna, Asia and Me. 250 Days on the Road. A Documentary film, 2019

At the moment our travel film "Anna, Asia and I. 250 days on the road" part 1 is ready and available for DOWNLOAD. Here is the movie trailer! We are currently working on the second part of this film and will screen it in Germany in autumn 2020!

"U.S.DRIVE: beyond our control", documentary / road movie about my wild and very adventurous journey through the USA. Here is the trailer. This film is available for DOWNLOAD in its original version (Russian) with English subtitles.