I enjoy learning! It is very important for me not just to move from place to place, but to learn something new and useful during our journey around the world, to experience the culture of each state as far as we can and to communicate with local people. Therefore, we travel mainly by public transport, eat where the locals eat and avoid tourist routes and tourist entertainments. 

It is much easier to travel like that if one knows at least a couple of words in the language of the country. Therefore, in Mexico, in the traditional city of Oaxaca, we decided to start learning some Spanish. We booked a one-week course at the Spanish Immersion School. This school is located in the old town of Oaxaca, just two minutes walk to Plaza de la Danza. From the hotel we stayed (NanaVida Hotel Boutique) we walked around 10-15 minutes.

We were warmly welcomed by Lazaro (director of the school) and by our teacher Elvira. And we immediately went to work – got acquainted in Spanish! Spanish Immersion School offers individual classes, each student has his own teacher there. Our classes were very interactive and relaxed, not the “classical” method with a lot of cramming. We walked with our teacher around the city of Oaxaca, learnt and practiced new vocabulary on the topics of “orienteering” and “how to ask directions”. We talked about things interesting for us and learnt many amazing facts about the region. Anna always had a lot of unexpected questions, so we always had topics to discuss. Of course, we tried to do it in Spanish. For “shopping topics” we went to a local supermarket and could immediately apply our new knowledge talking to cashiers. We cooked a traditional Mexican piñata and even sang a song in Spanish! (see the video of our debut performance!)

Spanish Immersion School offers excursions to interesting places around the city of Oaxaca on weekends. We went to the town of Tlacolula to the traditional market, where we tried the very popular in Oaxaca region Tejate drink, saw many interesting things and bought fresh fruits. The village of San Martin Tilcajete is known for its unique painted wooden carvings – Alebriches, we joined a very interesting and inspiring workshop there!

The week in the Spanish Immersion School flew very quickly! It was such a great and fun time! We learned for pleasure, no one required results from us. Maybe that’s why we achieved good results. Anna especially succeeded – she learned new material right away! It was great to see her learning a new language with such enthusiasm and joy! And in conclusion, one of the most important things –  we learnt amazing people from the team of the Spanish Immersion School! They are not only true professionals, but very good people with open hearts and a great sense of humor! We are completely delighted with our week course and recommend this school to everyone who prefers individual lessons and learning Spanish interactive in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere!

Our debut song in Spanish!

Как вам наше дебютное выступление на испанском? 🤣 В компании Spanish Immersion School in Oaxaca я даже готова петь по испански! И плясать (по-русски!) 😂Wie gefällt euch unser Debut auf Spanisch? 😃 Mit dem tollen Team von Spanish Immersion School in Oaxaca bin ich sogar bereit spanish zu singen und (russisch) zu tanzen! 😂How do you like our debut song in spanish? 😎 With Spanish Immersion School in Oaxaca I'm even ready to sing in Spanish and to dance (russian:)! 😂#oaxaca, #singingmanuchao, #оахака, #megustastu www.travel-films.com

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