Learning resources for homeschooler

A selection of resources for homeschooler, made by my worldschooling daughter Anna (14 now) for your kids!
She is using (or has used) these materials herself during last 4 years. All except the last 2 are free. Enjoy!

Sur La Mer schooling
🔅Townsends (18th century history)
🔅Study Pug
🔅Bernadette Banner (Historical sewing, dressmaking and Fashion history)
🔅Crash Course (Very many different courses like anatomy, mythology, film history)
🔅The Online Piano and Violin Tutor (Piano and Violin lessons)
🔅Coursera (Many different courses)
I am learning English, Spanish, fFrench and Arabic. I like to use Duolingo. I am also doing a language exchange with teens from different countries. If you are interested in practicing with kids too, you are welcome to join our Facebook group "Kinder lernen von Kindern".  In this group children are learning from children. It can be a language exchange or any other subject. I already found many tandems and friends in this group.
PREPLY  - All possible languages with teachers all around the world 
ENGLISH - Unique and very interesting private and group classes at Bumiku.education (learning about forests, oceans, ecology with a teacher from Great Britain)
Private spanish lessons at Spanish Immersion School (Mexico).
Have fun learning new stuff!
Your Anna Becker