Ganesha Hotel, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico


I love hotels with a story behind or with some unique concept. Our hotel in San Cristobal - the Ganesha Hotel - has both!!

The Ganesha Hotel is absolutely beautiful and not a mainstream hotel! You have the feeling that you are not in Mexico at all, but in India! I really had that Himalayan feeling there and really enjoyed it!
Each room in the hotel is dedicated to an Indian god or goddess, is also decorated accordingly and color thought through. Even the furniture is from India!

Do you need a visa for Mexico?

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No, EU passport holders (and many others) can stay in Mexico visa-free for up to 180 days. However, you should state the desired length of stay at the border crossing, otherwise you might get less and know nothing about it, which can lead to unnecessary problems later.

The hotel has 8 rooms in total: for Ganesha, Brahma, Shiva, Shakti, Parvati, Lakshmi, Krishna and of course for Buddha. We lived in the Ganesha room. It was not only super comfortable there, it also suited us perfectly! Because Ganesha is the god-protector of travelers!

Photo: In our Ganesha room

Of course, out of curiosity, we looked at all the rooms! This is what the Krishna room looks like!

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Photo: That's the Krishna room! 

There are two-story cabanas for Parvati and Shakti. I found these very beautiful, because they are built with a lot of wood and are also very nicely colored. The Parvati Cabana can easily accommodate three people. The Shakti Cabana has a beautiful dining and seating area on the ground floor.


Photo: The Parvati Cabana, the ground floor


Photo: The Parvati Cabana upstairs


Photo: The Shakti Cabana, the bedroom


Photo: Die Shakti Cabana, the dinning room in the ground floor

The Ganesha Hotel is right in the heart of San Cristobal, it couldn't be more central! At sunset I loved to sit on the hotel roof and enjoy the beautiful city from above! Of course, we also have a report about San Cristobal! Here it is!


Photo: From the hotel roof at sunset. I drank my tea there almost every day.

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Photo: The Cathedral of San Cristóbal is a maximum of 3 minutes' walk from the hotel, and you can also enjoy it from the roof.

The founder of the Ganesha Hotel not only brought decorations and furniture from India, but also yoga and meditation! The hotel has its own yoga room, which guests are welcome to use.
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Photo: Yoga hall. Anna finally had enough space to stretch!


And...I have never seen that in any hotel in the world - there is an extra meditation room for the guests! If you are looking for peace and mindfulness, you are in good hands there. You live very centrally, but still very quiet. The atmosphere in the hotel is beautifully relaxed and perfect for travellers looking for a peaceful environment for their vacation!

In the green courtyard you don't get any noise from the vibrant city outside. If not the love for adventures that drove us to the city, we would certainly sit in the hotel for a few days, meditate and read books. 

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It is very interesting that Ganesha Hotel was was built and renovated in the house where the current owner Francis (that time a young traveller from France) stayed on his first visit to San Cristobal many decades ago! At that time this building was his first accommodation in the city, he stayed with local family there. Decades later Francis bought exactly this house and converted it into a hotel. I love such "coincidences"!

We lived in the Ganesha Hotel for a week, would come back again and I can recommend it with a clear conscience to travelers who appreciate peace and comfort. Personally, I can't stand ramba-zamba hotels with loud music and entertainment, so the relaxed and peaceful Ganesha Hotel was a perfect match for what we were looking for! Quiet and stylish. Relaxed with a very beautiful atmosphere, with an unique concept and a remarkable story behind!


Is Mexico expensive?

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No. But one can also have it expensive here (as actually everywhere in the world). If you don't know the prices or if you let yourself be ripped off... Otherwise, no, Mexico is not expensive, even if it is not as cheap as, for example, Southeast Asia.

The city of San Cristobal is definitely worth a visit! I would even say that it is the most beautiful city in Mexico that we have seen so far! Here is my report about San Cristobal.

It can also be said that the hotel owner Francis brought yoga to San Cristobal! He travelled a lot himself and also lived in India. In 2005 he had the first yoga hostel in the town, which was unfortunately destroyed by the earthquake in 2017. But Francis didn't give up and built the Ganesha Hotel. He implemented his yoga-meditation concept in the new hotel at a new and higher level!
Photo: The Krishna Room and the Buddha Room are the largest and both have balconies.
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Is Mexico dangerous?

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We both travelled extensively throughout Mexico and felt safe everywhere. I think if you travel with common sense, everything will be fine.

Check out the reviews! I'm not alone in my enthusiasm about this place! If you click on the pictures with the ratings, you will get to the corresponding pages (Facebook/ Tripadvisor/ Booking).

Ganesha Hotel

Avenida 5 de Mayo #4.

Centro Histórico

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas

Tel.: 967 631 7951