Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort, Egypt

We are travelling around the World for more than 4 years now and have "tested" many hotels, also in Egypt. Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort is definitely one of the best in Dahab! And one of our absolute favorites! Here we lived like princesses!
sheikh ali dahab egypt
Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort is a historical place where charming local history meets modern comfort. The father of the hotel owner Gabaly - Sheikh Ali (the hotel is named after him) is the first person who invited tourists to this area many years ago. In times, when there was almost nothing there in Dahab except of desert. He founded the very first camp for travelers in the region. This was the beginning of tourism in Dahab.
Sheikh Ali himself is 103 years old now and still living according to the Bedouin tradition - in a simple house in Sinai desert, cooking on fire and sleeping on the floor. He is the oldest and the highly respected person in his Bedouin tribe.

Photo: Sheikh Ali serving Bedouin Tea in Sinai Desert


Photo: Sheikh Ali playing Rababah - a traditional Egyptian instrument

The son of Sheikh Ali - Mr. Gabaly (the owner of the resort) invited us to his family home in the mountains and told us a lot about the Bedouin life in the region now and in the past. We were drinking Bedouin tea made on fire, eating freshly baked bread, walking in desert and listening to Mr. Gabaly's stories - this was a very exciting and enriching experience, I wrote a separate report about it!
sheikh ali hotel dahab egypt

Photo: With the owner of the hotel Mr. Gabaly and his son.

The Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort is centrally located in Dahab - only a few minutes' walk to the sea and the "main promenade" of Dahab with countless restaurants, shops and diving schools. In the resort itself you will not hear any noise from the activities outside. The area of the Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort is very quiet and has a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Sheikh Ali hotel dahab

Photo: The pool in the middle of the resort is huge and perfectly clean.

sheikh ali dahab resort

Photo: If you come in winter, you have fresh pomegranates at your door.

This was our largest hotel room in Egypt so far - we had a suite with a bedroom, a living area and a balcony. Everything in the resort is renovated perfectly and decorated stylish and tastefully.
sheikh ali dahab resort room

Photo: Bedroom in one of suites

sheikh ali dahab resort egypt

Photo: Lovely sitting room with a beautiful dome

We were happy to welcome the New Year 2021 in this beautiful place. Here in Dahab I had the feeling - our world went back to normal again. No corona restrictions, no masks, no panic. A perfect place to be in a time where normality is seldom found.

Sheikh Ali Hotel Room Dahab

Photo: We had a triple suite for both of us


Photo: Enjoying the strawberry season in full swing

sheikh ali dahab resort breakfast
The breakfast at the Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort was the most delicious and generous in Egypt so far! In addition to the classic breakfast dishes such as different omelets, pancakes, fruit salads etc. there were Egyptian specialties like falafel, special spreads with cheese and beans, Egyptian bread, Egyptian porridge, a lot of fresh vegetables and greenery.  All a la Carte and fresh made - great food combined with excellent service! We enjoyed our every meal there. 
sheikh ali dahab egypt breakfast

All suites on the first floor have a special architectural bonus - a beautiful dome in the sitting area. This kind of construction is typical for Egypt, the room cools down naturally this way. The living room itself also appears more spacious and airy because of the high ceiling. In the evening, when the dome is illuminated, the suite looks even more beautiful.

sheikh ali dahab resort suite

Photo: The sitting area with the dome from the inside.

sheikh ali dahab egypt travel films becker

Photo: "Our" dome from the outside

The roof of the Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort was our favorite view point. At 6.30 a.m. we were enjoying sunrise over the Red Sea. At around 5 p.m. - the picturesque sunsets over the Sinai Mountains. We were doing yoga on the roof or just enjoying views of Dahab with a cup of tea.
sheikh ali dahab resort sinai sunset
sheikh ali dahab resort sunset (2)

Photo: The colors and the sun made me happy


Photo: The Sinai Mountains in the background

The resort has an excellent restaurant I mentioned before, a massage salon and even a diving school, run by a German family.

sheikh ali resort dahab egypt

Photo: The evening atmosphere in the restaurant

sheikh ali dahab resort evening pool

Photo: The evening lighting in the resort was subtle and tasteful. A rare case especially at Christmas time, when other hotels decorate everything with glowing plastic Santa Clauses. I was very happy not to have any of the tasteless Christmas decorations and twinkling lights in front of my eyes. 

One of the most important priorities of the hotel management is providing a natural and sustainable living. The hotel owner Mr. Gabaly and his team are working on an environmental project - they want to make Dahab a plastic free place! They are organizing workshops and other educational classes for the population to explain how plastics harm the environment, the ocean and also us humans. Before the corona pandemic, they had a huge success with the project - supermarkets in Dahab stopped distributing plastic bags. With Corona, tons of new plastic came into our lives. Also in Dahab. But Mr. Gabaly and his team continue working even when they have to start from the beginning again!

We had a great week in Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort and are very thankful to the lovely team for the hospitality and the time together! We loved this place and enjoyed every moment there!

Sheikh Ali Dahab Resort 

(approx. 1 hour drive from the Flughafen Sharm el Sheikh Airport) 

Address : Mashraba, Dahab, Egypt

Phone : +2 069 364 2991

Email : 

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