Olas Verdes, Nosara, Costa Rica

Olas Verdes nosara beach costa rica
Photo: Nosara Beach

We travelled to Nosara, in the "Blue Zone" of Costa Rica! There are only 5 "Blue Zones" in the whole world! A "Blue Zone" is a region, where people live longer than average. Hundred years of age is nothing exceptional within the "Blue Zone". That explains why the locals say "Pura Vida!" when greeting each other. ("Pura Vida" from Spanish translates to "Pure Life".)

How do Costa Ricans say goodbye? - The same way, "Pura Vida!"
The saying describes the attitude towards the life of the people there, serves as a greeting and is firmly rooted in the mindset of the population. That says a lot!
travel films nosara olas verdes costa rica
Photo: on bicycles around Nosara!

Which regions belong to the "Blue Zones"?

There are 5 Blue Zones in the world:
- Okinawa (Japan)
- Sardinia (Italy)
- Icaria (Greece)
- Loma Linda (California)
- Nicoya Peninsula (Costa Rica)

Olas Verdes Boutigue Hotel is located directly at the Guiones Beach. It is the quiet and less touristic part of Nosara. Here is the exact location on map.
Olas Verdes  is the perfect choice for:

  • Surfers who  seek luxury and comfort during their stay. The beach in Nosara is one of the best for surfers, also very good for beginners. The hotel has its own surf school. It's 3 - 5 minutes walk to the beach.
Olas Verdes beach resort costa rica
Photo: Here you can surf in any weather. All year round!
  • Yoga enthusiasts who want to live in peace and quiet surrounded by nature. The hotel is located in the jungle and has a yoga hall in the countryside with everything you need for yoga.
Olas Verdes Yoga Nosara Hotel yoga
olas verdes nosara yoga costa rica

Olas Verdes is also a great choice for families with children! Christmas season is particularly enjoyable at Olas Verdes for families.

If you want to have it particularly quiet, then you should travel to this coast in the off-season between May and November. It's green, fresh and there are way less tourists. The mango season starts in March and lasts till June!

mango olas verdes

What fruits are there in Costa Rica?

Actually everything that grows in the tropics:


Passion Fruit

Peji ball (palm fruit)

Platanos (look like big bananas but taste more like sweet potatoes). After frying, they become sweet!




and much more! The selection of fruit was terrific in Costa Rica! (The month of May)

nosara beach
Photo: low season. The beaches are almost empty and for you only...
olas verdes luxury suite nosara beach
Photo: The bedroom in our Luxury Suite

Travelling in low season?

Sub Heading

Travelling in low season has lots of advantages you can't miss:

  • Beaches where in high season tourists lie back to back like sardines, then belong only to you!
  • Top sights / attractions - only (or almost) for you alone.
  • Prices - up to 4 times lower! No matter how big or small your travel budget is, you will simply get 2 - 4 times more bang for your buck! This applies to flights, accommodation, activities, even food.
  • Tropical countries are so charming and so green in the rainy season! Everything shines, the air is fresh and nature is blooming!

Of course I'm not saying that you should only travel during the rainy season because it will get boring with time. But you shouldn't be afraid of it and experience also.
It's more relaxing because the environment is way quieter. No parties, no noise and no screaming neighbours. Perfect for reading, studying, working, meditating, relaxing, for Ayurveda and other treatments or retreats.

olas verdes hotel nosara
olas verdes eco resort certificates

Olas Verdes is the first hotel in Costa Rica to receive a Platinum LEED certificate! And the 2nd in the entire world! LEED is an international certification system for especially sustainable and ecologically constructed buildings. Many criteria were important: energy consumption, the use of sustainable and recycled building materials, the overall CO2 balance. It is very significant for the owners and the management of Olas Verdes to support the community in Nosara. That's why 90 percent of all employees come from the local community, born and raised here in the region.

Translated from Spanish, Olas Verdes means "Green Waves". A "green wave", in surfer's language, is an unbroken wave, which is particularly pleasant for surfing. Connected to this hotel, the name Olas Verdes has also another meaning - "Green Waves" stands for sustainability and a careful touch of the local flora and fauna.

olas verdes nosara green resort

Photo: It was really challenging to photograph the hotel building behind all the trees! You can hardly see any of the houses, everything is covered up in green!

The hotel is almost 100 percent incorporated into the rainforest. The roofs are built around the trees. A maximum of 5 - 6 trees were cut down for the construction of the hotel.

And more than 300 new trees planted!

"We saw the difference straight away," manager Luis told me. "Particularly with the bird population! From just a few bird species to a lot more started to nest in the region! Birds that we had never seen before, suddenly came to us. Even the parrots we didn't know lived here! We also bought plants that were endangered with extinction. We got bees for better pollination of the plants. And these plants, which were so rare before, have now spread even in the forest outside of our hotel property, and that's great!"

olas verdes eco resort costa rica

Photo: The roof was built around the tree stem.

olas verdes eco resort

Photo: This giant tree grows into the restaurant and here, as well, the roof has been lovingly built around the tree.

From time to time black monkeys sat in front of our window and beautiful green lizards climbed around. Safari directly from the sofa. Of course, that's not all that Olas Verdes has to offer in terms of animals. There are small raccoons, porcupines, many species of bats, armadillos, margays and ocelots.

nosara resort olas verdes

Photo: The reception of Olas Verdes

Did you know? Five fascinating facts about bats

  1. Bats have lived on earth for over 50 million years
  2. Bats get quite old for their small body size - they live up to 30 years
  3. Bats sleep head down. This trick is to protect them from enemies
  4. Bats sleep for up to 5 months in winter
  5. Bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes in one night
olas verdes eco hotel nosara beach

In Olas Verdes, the rainwater is collected and used (for the laundry for example), so the total water use is very low compared to other properties of this size.

eco resort nosara olas verdes

Photo: Our suite, the living room. Anna is watching monkeys in the tree just outside our window.

olas verdes certificates eco resort nosara

Photo: Another certificate for Olas Verdes

And something I think is great - all guests get reusable drinking bottles as a gift. So that they don't have to buy water in plastic bottles and less plastic ends up in the ocean. The guests take the bottles with them as souvenirs. Our "Olas Verdes" bottles have traveled with us through several continents.
flasche olas verdes
During the day, from 10 a.m. to around 8 p.m., the energy use in Olas Verdes is 100 percent covered by the company's own solar system.
Olas verdes Nosara yoga

Photo: On the way to a Yoga session!

It is not only nice to live in Olas Verdes, but it is also very good to know that the people behind the project take the nature, and local flora and fauna seriously and give a lot of thought to the footprints they leave behind.

The Hotel has their own Restaurant "El Manglar" (Mangrove, translated from Spanish). In " El Manglar" daily breakfast is served. Organic ingredients, everything fresh and made with love. Here you can see the whole menu. The restaurant is popular in Nosara and has excellent reviews. Here in Google and also in Tripadvisor.  

el manglar restaurant nosara olas verdes
el manglar olas verdes nosara

Photo: Vegetarian burritos for breakfast. The breakfast menu has 10 options, we tried all vegetarian dishes and enjoyed them all.

olas verdes resort restaurant nosara
el manglar restaurant costa rica pacific

Photo: In the "El Manglar" restaurant. During some evenings there is a live music.

olas verdes 1

Most of the roads in Nosara are not paved and the streets are not suitable for walks in high-heels. A 4x4 car or a motorbike is the best way to drive around, especially in the rainy season. Or the sporty version, with a bike, like we did. The bicycles are included in the Olas Verdes for guests to use.

olas verdes costa rica resort
Photo: Guests in Olas Verdes use bicycles free of charge. The daily laundry service is also available at no additional cost.

I always try to talk to the local people so I can tell you first-hand stories. This hotel was built by a family of surfers from the USA. I spoke to the owner Kerry and the manager Luis. We both learn something new every day! Luis the hotel manager told me so much about the nature in Nosara. For example, I didn't know that tropical plants are so clever! They don't grow in the dry season! No matter how much water you give them. They stay green but don't grow an inch! They stand there as if "preserved" and wait for the "right water", the rain! They don't really seem to trust us, humans. They are only growing, when the water comes from the sky and not from the jug!

travel films nosara olas verdes

How to get to Nosara by public transport?

There is a direct bus from San Jose to Nosara. Alternatively, you can drive to Puntarenas and from there take another bus to Nosara. If the bus is too boring for you, you can take a ferry to Cabo Blanco in Puntarenas. And further by bus. Plan a whole day for the route.

nosara beach costa rica olas verdes

Watch the video and you'll feel the atmosphere of Nosara and Olas Verdes! It was fun editing this video. When editing, I relive the good times again. I can even smell the ocean and the trees 🙂

Our partner hotels are always the best of the best, I choose them very carefully. Check out the reviews from Olas Verdes! If you click on the pictures, you will get to the related pages (Facebook/ Tripadvisor/ Google).

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